I went fishing!

Fishing took a backseat to riding bikes and running this summer. If you read my other blog (Danny Hathaway) you know I’ve been working on losing weight and getting healthy. Fishing just didn’t really fit this year. Run off lasted a long time and then an especially bad fire season kicked off early. 

But, I managed to get out today for the first time in ages. Thurston and I popped up the Rattlesnake, we originally planned Kootenai Creek but the weather didn’t look great down that way. 

The fishing wasn’t amazing but, I did snag a little cutthroat. I also learned a few other things. 

I need my Simms boots resoled. Several years of hard fishing in small creeks with a fair amount of hiking has worn them down to nothing and that makes for some exciting acrobatics while wading. 

I may need new waders sooner rather than later. Not because they are worn out. The Simms waders look almost brand new even after being in heavy use for several years now. They just don’t fit anymore! Turns out losing 60 lbs can be kind of expensive with all the clothing and gear you need to start replacing…

And lastly, I will never go without polarized glasses again. I broke my last pair a few years back and spent all of last year and this year with non-polarized glasses. Earlier in the year I found a pair of cheap specs at Costco and this was my first time using them on the water. Didn’t realize how much I’d missed polarization!

Hopefully, I’ll get out a time or two more before the year is over. Gotta get my moneys worth out of this years license. And I’m already thinking of how to get on the water a bit more next season.

If anyone out there is still checking this blog for updates, thanks for not giving up on it! 

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2 Responses to I went fishing!

  1. Paul says:

    Lol. Yep, still following. I lost 65lbs and it was incredible. I still have big feet so waders are fun. Grrrrr.

  2. Jr. James says:

    Great job bro! Every time fishing can not be so amazing but the profit is the new lessons which you learned there. Thanks for sharing!

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