New Goodies

I sold a bike a few weeks back and decided to roll the funds into some fishing equipment. The first shipment of stuff arrived today. 

Added my second Daiwa to the quiver. This one is a Kiyose 43M. I really dig the lack of cork on my Soyokaze and I’m hoping I feel the same on the Kiyose. Plus, the longer length should give me most of the qualities I’ve liked about my TUSA Amago (which I will still be keeping and fishing with) and the shorter position will give me similar qualities to a Yamame. Should be great for big water and the big fish that I occasionally hook into in one of my favorite smaller creeks. 

I haven’t bought line since my initial investment in tenkara gear several years ago. It was long overdue. Went with some brightly colored Sunline. I’m really looking forward to trying the colored stuff as I’m used to fishing the super old school TUSA stuff that is very drab and can be hard to see. 

As always, Chris from went above and beyond in the customer service department. I made an error on my shipping address when I placed the order and he got it corrected even though he was away from the shop for a few days at the time. And he included some yarn and tip grip. Always handy items. 

I’ve got some stuff on the way from Zimmerbuilt as well and once it gets here (and creeks open up next weekend) I’ll do an actual review of all the new toys. For now, I was just too excited to keep quiet and I thought it was a slightly better post than another “I’m still here.” one.

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Still here

It’s been awhile since the last posting. Not much fishing going on and the weather was nice enough to ride bikes so that’s what I did instead. Finally got around to throwing together video from the last outing. I’ll save ya time, no fish are caught. It’s mostly just a learning experience video. Creeks open the third weekend in May and I’m hoping the usable footage from that is better than the two big water outings have been. 

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My friend Chad has been tying a bunch this winter. My friend Bones and I sat down and he showed me some techniques a while back. I should have myself a decent sized collection of self tied flies between their inspiration but that’s not the case. Tonight however, I sat down at the vise and threw a couple ugly little fellers together and took stock of what materials I have. Excuse the horrid quality, I make no claims that they are beautiful. Mostly it was “experimental”(code for terrible).

Probably the best looking of the night, not saying much.

Dryer lint collar, semi-inside joke Chad and I have that fish on Kootenai Creek will take literally anything you show them.

Why? Because I have some weird materials to use up. That’s why.

UKB, if the U stood for ugly.

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Winter Fishing

Managed to get out for the second fishing trip of the year a week or so ago. Chad and I headed down to Warm Springs. It was really windy but getting out of the Missoula inversion was great. Sadly, the river had an “emergency closure” not far from our put in. No fish, lots of wind, limited amount of water, we bailed and stopped in Deer Lodge for some McDonalds before heading home.

I’ve been experimenting with my new Sony Action cam and threw together a pretty raw video of the day.

Fun time if not productive. Phil claims six more weeks of Winter but hopefully will have the chance to get into the first fish of 2015 soon.





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New Years Day Outing

We changed our location for this years January 1st trip. Three years of Rock Creek changed out for the Bitterroot this year.

It was cold. Chad saw some fish but we didn’t hook into any this year. Oh well, still a great start to 2015.





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December Fishing

Duncan and I got out on Rock Creek a few weeks back. Cold, crisp, and clear. No fish but still a fun time. Turns out it was my last outing of 2014. Many thanks to everyone who followed along. I had plenty of good times in the water this past year and I look forward to more of the same in 2015.

Hope your holidays were fantastic and I wish you all the best in the new year!

Happy angling!

DSCF2188 DSCF2189 DSCF2190 DSCF2191 DSCF2192

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Only 166 days until the creeks reopen

Today was the final day of creek season for western Montana. I started my year on Rattlesnake back in May so I figured it was a good way to wrap things up. Thurston and I got out for a couple hours. No bites but we did see one trout scurry out from under an ice shelf as we approached. Lost a couple San Juan worms and a killer kebari to snags. All fingers and toes remained intact.








Fun time on the water as always. I threw line from Thurstons “western” style rod and managed to not get it horribly tangled. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go when the guides and line aren’t freezing up…
Thurst was kind enough to bring some ’12 Abyss by Deschutes, great way to end creek season. See you in the Spring, small water.


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