North Fork

A few years ago when Dustin was up for a visit, Chad convinced me to shirk my responsibilities for the day and go with the two of them to the North Fork of the Blackfoot. The fishing wasn’t great but, it remains one of the most fun fishing trips I’ve ever been on. 

Chad and I took off at 6 this morning to fish the same stretch. 

It’s true, Snapchat… I do love ice cream. Required fishing trip food, donettes. 

Americano and muffin top, breakfast of champions. 

The good thing about being on the water by 7 is you’re not likely to see any other people. The bad, when it’s chilly you’re lot likely to see any fish until the sun warms things up a bit. 

We fished for about an hour before I broke the ice with a solid cutthroat on a dry fly. 

Chad got into one as well. 

Not long after Chad hooked his first fish we decided to head back towards the car and hit the good looking holes that had some time to warm up in he sun. Spot the snake with a bulging belly in the above pic…

Chad got into two more fish and out of his restrictive sleeves on the way down. I fools another cutty then ate almost all the mini donuts on the drive back. Fun stretch of water and a great way to start the day. 

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Bass Creek

It’s been ages since I fished Bass Creek. And it feels even longer since I got out with Thurston. Updated both of those today. 

Found ourselves plenty of willing cutthroats. Tons of folks out enjoying the holiday. 

It was a great way to start the day. Can’t wait to get out on this creek again and even more to get out and find some new spots with Thurston. 

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Anybody still following this thing?

Thought I was done with this blog. Turns out I’m not. Tried something a bit different for this one. I’m not sure I like it but, I’ll keep poking at it until I figure out how I do want to keep this going.

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Still here

I didn’t give up on fishing and I haven’t given up on this, yet. Summer of fishing was great. Explored new water. Stayed busy.

The Mrs. and I welcome a daughter to the family in November. Things will be slow for a bit but, a real post is coming soon.

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Creeks are open and I’m behind

It’s been a busy start to summer. Rather than blab on about stuff, here’s a video of Chad catching a fat rainbow on opening day of creeks a few weeks back.

I haven’t been out as much as I’d like but, that’s how it goes. I’ve been doing some spin fishing on my lunch breaks. I’ve been skunked but of course Chad has joined me a time or two and shown me how it’s done.


I’ve hit up Grant Creek a couple times now. Below I90 just doesn’t have the feel of healthy water. I managed to get into a brown though…

Hit Grant Creek again today and had a much more productive outing. Never underestimate small water. Video of that will get posted later.

Happy angling.

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New Goodies

I sold a bike a few weeks back and decided to roll the funds into some fishing equipment. The first shipment of stuff arrived today. 

Added my second Daiwa to the quiver. This one is a Kiyose 43M. I really dig the lack of cork on my Soyokaze and I’m hoping I feel the same on the Kiyose. Plus, the longer length should give me most of the qualities I’ve liked about my TUSA Amago (which I will still be keeping and fishing with) and the shorter position will give me similar qualities to a Yamame. Should be great for big water and the big fish that I occasionally hook into in one of my favorite smaller creeks. 

I haven’t bought line since my initial investment in tenkara gear several years ago. It was long overdue. Went with some brightly colored Sunline. I’m really looking forward to trying the colored stuff as I’m used to fishing the super old school TUSA stuff that is very drab and can be hard to see. 

As always, Chris from went above and beyond in the customer service department. I made an error on my shipping address when I placed the order and he got it corrected even though he was away from the shop for a few days at the time. And he included some yarn and tip grip. Always handy items. 

I’ve got some stuff on the way from Zimmerbuilt as well and once it gets here (and creeks open up next weekend) I’ll do an actual review of all the new toys. For now, I was just too excited to keep quiet and I thought it was a slightly better post than another “I’m still here.” one.

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Still here

It’s been awhile since the last posting. Not much fishing going on and the weather was nice enough to ride bikes so that’s what I did instead. Finally got around to throwing together video from the last outing. I’ll save ya time, no fish are caught. It’s mostly just a learning experience video. Creeks open the third weekend in May and I’m hoping the usable footage from that is better than the two big water outings have been. 

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