Fishing with Thurston and Evie

Been ages since Thurston and I got out on Bass Creek so we decided to get together and hit the Rattlesnake. We hit a section we’re really familiar with but, that’s also seen some changes from runoff, downed trees, etc.

The fishing was pretty solid but, the best part was I brought Evie along in her backpack and she had a blast. Super fun to get out with Thurston as always and an added bonus that the little one was there and having fun too. 

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3 Responses to Fishing with Thurston and Evie

  1. Jon says:

    Ah. Another advantage of Tenkara fishing. That is a seriously cool backpack! By the look of Evie’s hat, I’d say she was lookin’ for bigger fish. Lol.

    • Danny says:

      Super happy with the backpack(both of us!). She was unimpressed with the tiny ones I caught for sure, wanted to know where to find the whales!

  2. Guy Curtis says:

    Cool post brother! Looks like everybody had an awesome time…

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