North Fork

A few years ago when Dustin was up for a visit, Chad convinced me to shirk my responsibilities for the day and go with the two of them to the North Fork of the Blackfoot. The fishing wasn’t great but, it remains one of the most fun fishing trips I’ve ever been on. 

Chad and I took off at 6 this morning to fish the same stretch. 

It’s true, Snapchat… I do love ice cream. Required fishing trip food, donettes. 

Americano and muffin top, breakfast of champions. 

The good thing about being on the water by 7 is you’re not likely to see any other people. The bad, when it’s chilly you’re lot likely to see any fish until the sun warms things up a bit. 

We fished for about an hour before I broke the ice with a solid cutthroat on a dry fly. 

Chad got into one as well. 

Not long after Chad hooked his first fish we decided to head back towards the car and hit the good looking holes that had some time to warm up in he sun. Spot the snake with a bulging belly in the above pic…

Chad got into two more fish and out of his restrictive sleeves on the way down. I fools another cutty then ate almost all the mini donuts on the drive back. Fun stretch of water and a great way to start the day. 

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