Only 166 days until the creeks reopen

Today was the final day of creek season for western Montana. I started my year on Rattlesnake back in May so I figured it was a good way to wrap things up. Thurston and I got out for a couple hours. No bites but we did see one trout scurry out from under an ice shelf as we approached. Lost a couple San Juan worms and a killer kebari to snags. All fingers and toes remained intact.








Fun time on the water as always. I threw line from Thurstons “western” style rod and managed to not get it horribly tangled. Maybe I’ll have to give it another go when the guides and line aren’t freezing up…
Thurst was kind enough to bring some ’12 Abyss by Deschutes, great way to end creek season. See you in the Spring, small water.


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  1. Devilcorp says:

    Great blog! Well done.

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