Fishing with Thurston

It’s been far too long since Thurston and I got out to wet some line. Our schedules just didn’t mesh up over the summer and we both had too much life going on. Finally, we found some time and hit the creek this afternoon.

Thurston borrowed my Amago. It’s been a while since he fished tenkara but, it came back to him quickly and he started things off strong. His back is giving him fits so I ended up netting this one for him.


I hooked into a sizable fish not long after but it spit the hook. Not much action after that but a nice day on the water. I had another fish on at our take out but, it too spit the fly. We walked back down to the truck, had a beer and called it a day.




Well, that’s not entirely true. I had a bit of time and I didn’t want to get skunked so I popped back down to the hole I lost my first fish on. Managed to fall in and smack my knee (which I’m icing/elevating as I type this) and then managed to not get skunked…


Somewhere in the neighborhood of 17″, give or take due to the net being my measuring tool.

Great day in all. Love fall fishing in Missoula and it’s even better when it’s with a friend you haven’t seen in ages.

Happy angling.

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