Been a few weeks

I’d like to say that I was just too busy fishing to post but, that’s not the case. Since the bikefishing trip I’ve only been out once, if I recall correctly. And I didn’t bring the camera along. I’ve been doing a bit of riding, a bit too much partying due to going away parties/punk rock shows, a bit of being hungover and a bit of being actually sick. Kind of a bummer but, I was feeling well enough to get out for a bit today. Good thing too.

Hit a section I’ve had good luck on before, no action for a few minutes then my hopper got hammered.

DSCF2130 DSCF2131

I can’t seem to get fish to lay in the net perfectly but, it looks to be in the 18″-20″ range. It was a fat and healthy brown with a lot of fight. It ran me downstream a good 50yds from where I hooked into it. Once I finally got it in to the net we were both pretty tired. I spent a good two or three minutes holding it in the water letting it get its legs back under it before it swam off. Amazing.


My adrenaline was pumping to say the least. The Amago was bent in half, I was battling overhanging branches and trying not to fall in the creek. I was sure I was going to lose it a time or two.


Happy camper. Hooked into it up by the bridge and took the pic where I finally netted it.

After that, I decided this section was done for the day. I couldn’t top that experience so I hopped in the truck and headed up stream a bit further. Changed to a dry fly my friend Lucas tied for me and was into a nice little fella quickly.


About that time I saw two guys with fly rods walking down stream. They most likely it everything ahead of me so I wasn’t expecting much action and didn’t really get it. Small strikes but nothing that could even fit the fly in it’s mouth. I was ok with it and pretty much treated the rest of this section as a hike to let the last of my adrenaline wear off.


Beautiful afternoon in Missoula. I got to where I’d planned on taking out and had the thought that it’s most likely where the two other anglers had come out. I knew of two very nice holes just barely upstream from there so I figured, why not?


Glad I went for it. Snagged this beauty and moved up stream another 30yds or so to the next, and final, spot for the day.


After missing one strike, then watching a rise with no take I figured my day was done. Telling myself “one last cast” this beast took the fly and came to the net. Packed the rod up and hiked back to the trail to head down to the truck.


Stellar day. Especially considering I decided to head out on a whim and fished for under two hours. You may have noticed a fishing vest and not the typical Goertzen lanyard in the above pic. The whole “minimalist tenkara” thing is great and all but, the storage and ease of use available with a vest has drawn me over. Still need to get my packing of it dialed in but, it’s still pretty minimal and it works much better.

Hopefully, I’ve kicked the last of this illness and I can get out a few more times in the coming weeks. Fall fishing was good to me last year and it’s sure treating me well so far this season.


Happy angling all!

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