Multiple Rattlesnake Outings

It’s been a while since I posted but, not since I fished. I’ve been hitting the Rattlesnake pretty heavy the past few weeks. With sunset coming earlier and earlier it’s just too easy to get out for a quick fish on the local water before dark. Did a pretty epic trip today and I need to get caught up on these so I can do that post soon. Here we go…


Chad is who taught me how to fish the ‘Snake. Gave me some pointers and showed me a few spots when I was just getting started. He’s pretty much my fly fishing mentor. Have learned a ton from the guy and always enjoy when we get to head out together. We hit up some of the spots he first showed me the ropes on the other day. Good time.

DSCF2048 DSCF2049

Nice fatty. No big fish in this water though. Don’t bother going there yourself. This was a fluke.

DSCF2052 DSCF2054

See? That other one was an optical illusion. Only fish like this in the ‘Snake. And by “like this” I mean beautiful little fighters…


We fished a lot further than this but, I stopped taking pics for some reason. Probably because we were both going to be late for our Fantasy Draft that evening so I was more concerned with packing as much time on the water in as possible. Chad won his week one game, I lost, in case you care.

The next few times out I went on my own. Once, after picking up an old CRT TV from my in-laws who live in the area. I was just too close to a hole Chad and I had hit on the above trip to pass on the chance of hitting it. Worth the <1 hour stop…


Camera was on a weird setting and the first few shots were blurry. Entered through a spot near my in-laws neighborhood, turned down stream and hit a nice big hole.


Didn’t take long before I snagged this guy. Popped out of the water onto a trail and headed downstream, saw a bit more action but no more fish. Did see some other wildlife though.


And was treated to a nice sunset.


I can get a bit obsessed when I happen upon a good spot. The hole mentioned above was under my skin and I had to get out. After getting a new bike I immediately went for a ride and promptly lost my sunglasses. It was getting dark and I was exhausted so I figured I’d chance it and look for them the next day. Found them and had some time to spare so, I went and hit the honey hole again…


The honey hole was good to me once again. Headed downstream and hit a few other spots with better results this time.


Caught a few others. It was another quick and dirty trip and, as always, was totally worth it.

Lastly, I decided it was time to get my net carrying method figured out. My Boss generously gave me a net earlier in the year. I’ve used it a bit but since I wasn’t a vest wearer I’ve always struggled with carrying it. And I’ve not had much luck any of the times I had it with me. So, back to the honey hole (I think I’ve pretty much fished it out of my system…)


Exactly what I was hoping for but, it just wouldn’t play nice and lay in the net along the measurement marks. Oh well. Net worked great and now, thanks to my buddy Duncan, I’ll have an easier way to carry it as he passed along an old vest. Thanks sir, owe ya some beer.

Once again, saw some deer…


I counted how many days I had on the water the other day. It was a bunch. I’ve honestly forgotten. It’s amazing how you can find time to fish when you alter your expectations even a little. Not every outing needs to be an 8 hour epic. Some times the sub-one-hour trips yield the most amazing results.

Next post will cover a bit of bike fishing. Chad and I got out and got a bit deeper into the Rattlesnake. It was an amazing day. I’m a bit exhausted to write it up at the moment. Think I’ll have a beer and watch some Netflix. Until then…

Happy Angling.

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