Two more trips

I’ll be completely caught up after these two. Here we go…

I had Mom meet me at my house in the morning a few weeks back and we headed down the Bitterroot. Figured she could use a day in the mountains before starting the new school year. We hit up Kootenai Creek. Excellent hiking, easy fishing, and nice scenery.


Hiked up, dropped in the water and started getting into some little fish right away. Passed my glasses to her for the day (hence the double shades) so she could watch the fish rising (polarized makes a big difference, even in water this clear).

She took some pics/vids with her iPhone and quickly drained the battery so, I passed my camera over to her since she was enjoying snapping shots.

Here’s a “few” of me working the creek…

DSCF1927 DSCF1930 DSCF1936 DSCF1944 DSCF1945

Cloudy/cool/rainy forcast meant I broke out the Simms Guard Socks for the first time in awhile. The weather kept calm for the most part. We did start to get some showers towards the end but it was little more than a sprinkle.

DSCF1951 DSCF1952

We came prepared though. Donned our rain coats and headed down to the trailhead when things seemed to be taking a turn.


On the way out we ran into this guy on the trail side. The folks over at /r/snakes seem to think it’s a rubber boa. Apparently a pretty rare sighting.


One last stop to take in the view before we got down to the trailhead. Into Stevensville for lunch at the Stevi Cafe (a must any time I’m down the ‘Root) and then down the street to Blacksmith Brewing.


Still a bit too warm out for a Pulaski Porter for me but, Mom enjoyed it. I stuck with the awesome Cutthroat IPA. Fun day indeed.

Just a few pics from a short outing with Duncan on Wednesday. Off work at six, on the water very shortly after for his first time on Rattlesnake. A few small guys in the Greenough Park area, back in the truck and further upstream. Light action for both of us, Duncan hooked into a big ol’ cutty in a hole I’ve always had good luck in. Fought it all the way in but it wormed away before I could snag a pic. Did get this one though…


Worked up as the light was dying. Dunc lost a fly to a backcast snag so I threw in the final hole.


A ridiculously gentle take and this guy was on the line. Healthy cutt on the last cast is a nice way to end a quick trip.

Fishing in western Montana. Ya just can’t beat it.

Happy angling all.

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One Response to Two more trips

  1. mammaflybox says:

    Fishing and mammas- my kind of trip 😉 Very sweet!

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