Another photo dump

Shannon is at yoga for another thirty minutes or so and I felt like having a beer rather than going to the gym after work today. This is as good a time as any to get “caught up” on the fishing trips.

I got off work a couple Mondays ago, hit the gym and was still feeling a bit like I needed to get outside. Cut the gym trip a bit short, headed home and grabbed Shannon and Ri and we headed up the Rattlesnake for a little hike/fish action(by that I mean Shannon and Ri hiked around while I fished).


Shannon and Ri doing their thing.


Me doing mine. Rolled with the Daiwa Soyokaze for this trip. Went ultra minimal, only my Goertzen chest pack, wore my old school attire of gym shorts/tshirt and Vibram Five Fingers (it sucked, can’t believe how many times I fished in those before getting boots).


Shannon basically walked upstream on the path with the dog, occasionally popping down to get pics/chat with me while I headed directly upstream. Consequently, no fish pics. I didn’t catch any lunkers in the first portion. A few nice little cutt’s and browns. Did snag a 10″+ just before the end of this section though.


I always ‘OK’ my trips with my wife before I go but, I can’t recall a time she’s ever said no. And more often than not she encourages me to get out! You people who have SO’s who aren’t supportive of your habits chose poorly.


Some days, the solitude of fishing is exactly what I need. This day, I needed some cool water, pretty trout and my family close by. Ri was pretty adventurous with the water and also with a few passing dogs. After being attacked a few years back it’s good to see him open up to other animals a bit.


Shannon popped off for a few side tracks with Risdon. It’s too bad housing in the Rattlesnake is so ridiculously expensive, would be amazing to live up where we spend so much time recreating.


This was about the time I got into the last/largest brown of the outing. Good time cooling off and hanging with the fam.

Chronologically, my next trip was with down to Kootenai Creek. But, I took Mom on that one and she got some great pics so I think I’ll skip that for now and do a single post for that.

After a day of being productive on my weekend (a Thursday), I decided I needed some time on the water. It was getting close to sunset so I wanted something short and sweet. I hit Hobo Alley (the Rattlesnake from it’s confluence with the Clark Fork to Greenough Park, I didn’t hit the full section).


Two casts and I brought in a little cutty while a couple watched from the balcony of their Double Tree hotel room. I always have an instant calming sensation upon hooking up with the first fish. Until that point there is always this nagging sensation of “I should’ve done this, that, or the other thing”. But once I watch one rise to a dry fly, my brain shuts off and the fishing really starts.

Worked my way upstream with no action. I was about to cross from right bank to left bank when I decided I should cast into the run before wading in, good plan…


Solid brown took my fly. Worked my way up to Broadway where I hooked into a ~14″ rainbow. No pic of that one, it flopped out of my hand while I was fumbling for the camera. Collapsed the rod and called it a night. Several fish in about 45 minutes of wading. Once again, exactly what I needed.

Next time out, my buddy Duncan and I bikefished up the Rattlesnake. You can head to Missoula Bicycle Works’ Blog to read about that one and see some pics. It was pretty awesome and I immediately started looking at what gear I “need” to do more of that type of activity upon getting home.

Next up was Rattlesnake once again. It’s just so damn close and easy. This one was more to scope out a planned trip for Monday. I started at the connector trail footbridge and worked up to the dam (fishing on RC ends 100yds below the dam and is closed until Beeskove Creek, sixish miles up from the Rattlesnake Trailhead.


Things started off slow, a few little Cutt’s like the one above. Then things shut off until I got to some “falls”. Found myself a nice mix of cutts, browns and bows. From that point until the dam, not a thing. That section either sucks or just hasn’t been good to me thus far.

DSCF2012 DSCF2013

I find “city” deer horribly annoying. I find actual wildlife awesome. Spooked this little buck as I worked my way up towards the dam.

DSCF2014 DSCF2015

Hooked into one last cutt in this last run, just shy of the “No Fishing Upstream” sign. I’ve heard stories of people fishing closer to the dam. I’d imagine it would be an epic day, but too many epic days is what got us into the situation we’re in now with the need for conservation so, I turned around and headed home like a law abiding angler.


Can’t understand why people don’t think there are big fish in this water when they have a food supply like this…

The above trip was exploratory, as I mentioned. Monday afternoon I was due to head out with a buddy of mine to hit that section. He had to cancel unfortunately so, I hit Greenough Park on my own. Good decision. Within minutes of arriving, I had this section of water staring at me…


And dragged this guy out from a tough lie under the fallen tree.

DSCF2017 DSCF2018Approximately 14″ cutty in a heavily trafficked public park. Montana’s rivers/creeks are pretty damn healthy. We need to keep them that way. All to often I find garbage from bums, floaters, hikers, and just shitty people in general. I try to pack out more than I pack in and you should too.

Worked my way upstream from there, scenery was awesome as always but, the fishing sadly turned obsessive. It’s a side of my brain I’m not a fan of and something that fishing usually has been able to quiet lately. Still, a fantastic evening on the water with some awesome fish in hand.

DSCF2020And with that, I’m (mostly) caught up. Still got the trip to Kootenai with Mom to go but, that one should show up soon.

I posted the cutty from last night to Facebook with the caption “A crappy way to spend a Monday evening.” and got the best response I could’ve hoped for… “Why does your life have to suck so bad?” Yup, them’s the breaks. Somehow, I lucked into a pretty amazing situation. That or, I’ve learned how to be happy with the stuff in my life. It’s too bad we all have times were we can’t do that but, I’m super grateful that now isn’t one of those times in mine.


I’m done with this so, that’s all for tonight.

Happy angling all.



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