Tenkara+Drift Boat

Chad wanted to get out in his boat. I’m a sucker for a free ride. Grabbed a six pack of Trout Slayer and met him at the bike shop and off we went. We were on the water a little after five.

It’s amazing what a year of fishing and rowing will change. Chad navigated the water expertly, put me in spots and gave me the best chance to get into fish. Which, I promptly did.


Big fat brown on a hopper to start the day. After struggling to remove a deep set hook I decided not to do the hero pose but rather get it back in the water ASAP.

This section last year resulted in water over the bow and in my lap.


We donned life jackets and headed down.

I was scared. Also, it was raining. But it was no big deal. Did I mention Chad really knows what he’s doing on the oars compared to last year?

I caught more fish. Lots more really. All pretty damn good sized. But tenkara is only for small fish in mountain streams. Don’t bother searching for anything over twelve inches or using it on big water. It just doesn’t work.

Chad fished too. He even caught some.

I didn’t take as many pictures of fish as I used to, was too busy catching them and being glad about where I live and who I recreate with.

It was a great evening. Chads awesome Aunt Kristi organized shuttle service for us and by that I mean she took our calls and Chads awesome Uncle Cameron came and picked him up. We owe ya guys, thanks!
Chad got the trailer with Cameron, I watched bats fly around in the dark at the take out. We stopped at Burger King and ate way too much gross fast food.
Pretty solid Friday afternoon/evening.
Happy angling all.

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