A 3-for

Been out fishing a few times since my last posting, I’ve just been too lazy to get anything written. I’m also nearing my free storage limit on here, need to decide what I’m going to do about that…


DSCF1757 DSCF1758

Chad texted me while I was at work a few Sundays ago. “Thinking of fishing <redacted> for a few hours tonight, you game?” I was, (I’m still not getting specific about locations anymore, it was the Clark Fork, but if you want to know where you either need to figure it out yourself or come pick me up and have a cooler of beer to bribe me with…) so after work I headed home, geared up and he came and got me and of we went. Gorgeous evening. We hiked a long ways. Second photo above was where we both got into our first fish. Me at the downstream end of that log, Chad at the head of it. Both rainbows.

DSCF1761 DSCF1762

Kept working our way up river. Forgot to mention the field of stinging nettle we hacked our way through to get to the previous points. My legs itched for two days.


End of the line headed upstream. Back down we go, we went down a side channel, both got into some more little rainbows (wasn’t quick on the draw with the camera this trip at all). Bugs were starting to come off in droves at this point in the evening. We ended up essentially sight fishing. We’d watch for risers, head down the bank then cast in the same area.

DSCF1768 DSCF1770

I found “IT”…


Of course my camera battery decided to kick the bucket here. Chad’s got a 16″ rainbow on the line here (he taped it, it was a true 16), I got myself a 13″ shortly after and we called it a day. Pretty solid way to spend a Sunday evening.

This past Sunday was a scorcher. Shannon had some studying left to do so I decided to get out of her hair for a bit after work. Quick trip to a creek for me to cool off.


This is only my second full summer fishing so it’s going to be interesting to see how runoff has changed the creeks. The channel on the left in the above photo was barely a trickle last year, now it seems that may be the new direction the creek will flow, we’ll see in a few weeks.


This section was totally dammed last season. The logs stacked up higher than my shoulders. Now it’s a free run. I still managed to snag a fish that was hiding under the cutbank by some tree roots on the right.

DSCF1780 DSCF1781

Interesting little “water feature”. The whole “voluntarily” thing kind of irks me. Don’t act all high and mighty about what you’re doing when it needs to be done to preserve an ecosystem… My troutbum/hippie conversion continues to progress, I found myself kicking down rock walls folks have built as “pools” in the creek. Not sure why people feel the need to cause damage to enjoy nature… Anyway…


Oh right, this is a fishing blog, better show a fish picture. Yellow stimi was the fly for the day. Nice little brownie, after this guy I moved upstream, fish a little more, kicked down a “pool” wall then headed home, picking up some pizza and wings on the way. Again, nice Sunday evening.


Matt and I met up on the bikes and headed up the creek on Thursday after he got off work. Still hot as heck in Missoula so it was nice to get in the cool water. And Matt had never fished this area before, always fun to show folks some nice spots to wet a line.


I hooked an 11″ cutt and not long after Matt was into this nice brown. Shortly after that he got a rainbow, no pics of that one as it was a bit of a clusterfuck situation, he was up high on a log when he hooked it, I went in to deal with it, managed to hook myself in the hand then spill half my beer. Oh well.

Back to the bikes and upstream to fish another section.


I used to hate bugs. Now things like this get my heart pumping.


I’m not sure Daniel would appreciate a Tenkara+Beer story for the TUSA page, besides, he could link to just about any of my blogs if he wanted that…

DSCF1797 DSCF1799

Matt snagged a Cutt somewhere in this section, just a bull trout shy of a grand slam. I took a little guy with my final cast and we called it an evening. Back to the bikes.


Mmmmm, bikes…


Missoula in the summer is a pretty awesome place. In this photo we’ve got a fly fisher, some kayakers, I think a dog, some float tubers, 20+ people in a floatilla of rafts, and some SUPers. Just your average Thursday.


Yo, Simms, why don’t you make an SPD compatible wading boot?

Happy angling all.

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2 Responses to A 3-for

  1. Thanks for sharing this report, I like your story telling style and you always have stunning pictures of the spots you fish.

    • Danny says:

      Thanks so much Christophe! I’m a big fan of your blog/instagram/etc. as well. One of the first ones I read any time I open up my RSS Feed.

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