Small creeks, small trout

Got back out to the same creek as earlier in the week on Thursday. I was supposed to head up later in the afternoon with Thurston but he unfortunately had to cancel. I packed up a bit earlier and hit Rattlesnake Creek first.


Fished a little side channel for about half an hour. The water is still pushing pretty hard out of the ‘Snake. I think it’s still a week or two from being worthwhile fishing. I had no action. Soon though… soon.

After warming up on the ‘Snake I hopped in the truck and headed to the other creek. I started a bit further upstream than Monday’s outing. Access to the creek still meant bushwhacking a bit but, not nearly as steep from the road. Looking downstream at my starting point.


I moved to the gravel bar on the right side of the above photo, turned up-stream and started fishing this beautiful water.


First cast just to the left of the big log resulted in a nice brown trout.


I worked my way upstream, pulling fish out of pretty much any spot that looked decent on a variety of flies.

DSCF1686 DSCF1687 DSCF1688

I’m fairly certain I caught my first Bull Trout in one of these pools. Unfortunately, it got away before I could get a picture. I found a bull trout identification program online from FWP, I’ll run through it when I have some time and hopefully get another chance to see one.

I fished this lower section then decided to head upstream a few miles and see what else was going on. About 3 more miles up I came on a bridge and started changing flies after every catch. Elk Hair Caddis, ant patterns, parachute adams, kebari, anything I threw they took. While fishing the elk hair I was letting it drift along when I saw a tiny fish hammering it. So small it couldn’t get the hook in its mouth, I decided to see if I could drag it out. I tied on a tiny little Dirty Rat and pulled out this little beauty.


Worked my way up and fished under the bridge for a bit and kept pulling out fish after fish.



I’d say the average size fish this day was in the 8″ range. Ridiculous fun in a beautiful setting. I didn’t feel like crawling under the bridge so I popped back up on the road to cross to the other side. As I looked down the road I had a brown bear staring back about 30-40 feet away. It turned tail and ran, thankfully letting me keep my can of bear spray unused for this trip. I walked over and got in the truck, unsure if there were other bear in the area. After a little break I decided to hit some more water upstream, figuring I’d be safe as the bear was headed the other direction.

DSCF1692 DSCF1693

I pulled one more fish out of this pool before I decided I was too nervous about the bear. I had a couple of hours in, tons of fish and figured I could come back another day so I called it a day. Headed in to town, grabbed a beer at Draught Works and had a relaxing evening. Managed to meet up with Thurston for a bit and made plans to get out Friday afternoon. We hit up the same creek again. First time for him, third for me.

DSCF1694 DSCF1695

The weather wasn’t as conducive to good results on Friday. It rained pretty heavily before we arrived, then the skies cleared and the sun was out in full force. The fish just weren’t eating, or they couldn’t see the fly due to the constant changing light conditions. I managed to pull a little brown out of this first hole but, that was it for either of us today.

DSCF1696 DSCF1697 DSCF1698 DSCF1699

Not even any luck in the same spot I started on Thursday. Oh well, just an excuse for us to head back up another day.

Until then, happy angling.


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4 Responses to Small creeks, small trout

  1. Am enjoying my discovery of your blog. I’m not Tenkara but love these same small streams, strategies (and beer!). Happy trails!

  2. thosnut says:

    Awesome pictures. I love small stream fishing.

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