Georgetown Lake

Fished Georgetown Lake on Friday with my friend Paul. I haven’t driven up that direction in over ten years. While results at the lake were less than stellar, it’s a beautiful drive. Aside from Flint Creek, there were some other good looking streams along the way. I’m a fan of the beer from Phillipsburg’s crafter brewery, Discovery is opening mountain bike trails this year, and there is a candy shop and bbq place in Phillipsburg. I think I’ll be back up that way again sooner rather than later…


Paul, rowing along the shore line. It’s a beautiful little lake. Fish were active, I just couldn’t get any to get on the end of my line. I’m still kinda “meh” about lake/pond fishing. My pontoon needs a few little things to be easier to manage in general (rod holder, better line management for an anchor, a working oar lock instead of bailing wire) and maybe getting those things done will make it easier to enjoy fishing. But, primarily I just sit, drink a beer and enjoy being outside. Fishing is really far down on the list of what I actually do on these trips.


I hate sunscreen almost as much as I hate getting sunburned. Also, I’m just too cheap to buy a good PFD so this super old water skiing one will do the trick. At least until I pony up for the SIMMS one.


The HD branding I could do without but, the saying felt very appropriate today. “There is a reason they call it fishing, not catching.”

DSCF1665 DSCF1667
That scenery. I had one fish on the line, drank two beers, and broke my Amago, again. It wasn’t the most productive day but, it’s hard to complain about spending a Friday afternoon in a setting like this, fishing with a buddy.

Tomorrow, I’m hitting a small creek for an hour or two after work. Thursday, I’m heading out earlier in the afternoon to get a proper amount of time on the same creek. It’ll be the first outing for the Soyokaze this year. Can’t wait. Until then…

Happy angling.

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