Creeks Fishing Is Open

I’m a big fan of creek fishing. Nothing wrong with big water, I just really enjoy the challenge that creeks provide. It fits more with my primary mode of fishing, tenkara. Creeks opened today and Chad and I got out for a bit after I got off work.

DSCF1646 DSCF1647

This little side channel is usually good for a few fish maxing out in the ten inch range. Right now, it’s raging. Above average snowpack and some recent warm weather means high water is in full effect.


Yes, I am a dork. But at least I didn’t hook the stream bed…

DSCF1649 DSCF1650Chad had a bump or two in the first area we tried, neither of us had luck. We drove up to hole pictured above. I threw a streamer through this bend (yes, I will tie a streamer on a tenkara rod from time to time) and it got hammered. I set the hook, put a huge bend in the rod to get the fish to even budge before it snapped my tippet (5x) and took my fly. The thing was enormous. Chad threw his streamer in after we took a short beer break and was quickly into another enormous fish. Same story for him, set the hook, tried fighting it away from the current, snapped his tippet. Only difference, he was using 0x! I’ll be heading back to this spot ASAP, may need to bring the spinning rod for a bit more backbone.

Couldn’t be happier that creeks are open once again. It’ll be seriously challenging (or sketchy depending on how you look at it) for the next few weeks but, soon after that it’s going to be killer days on small water.

Happy angling!


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