Thurston’s Birthday on Rock Creek

Last year, my buddy Thurston and I got out for some fat biking on Blue Mountain for his birthday. This year, fly fishing on Rock Creek. Choose your friends wisely and you too can have this much fun…


We got up to Rock Creek and cracked into some delicious beer while we rigged up. Some beer snobs will probably hate seeing Ivan the Terrible in anything less than a stellar glass. And to them I say, lighten up. Thurston aged this for over a year and generously gifted it to me for Christmas. Never had any intention of sharing it with anyone but him and his Birthday seemed an appropriate time. We enjoyed our beer and finally got down on the water.


Less than half an hour in, dragging a bacon and egg set up through the middle of a run I felt a tug. At first, I thought it was a whitefish since it ran deep. Next thing I know a big fat rainbow is breaking the surface. On the second jump, tragedy struck. The second section of my Amago snapped in half. I can only assume it was damaged last Summer when my Dad took a spill and stepped on a few of the other sections. I must’ve missed some damage to this one when having it warrantied. Thurston would later tell me he thought the fish was a goner for sure. I however, calmly (at least that’s how I remember it) just moved my grip up to the third section and promptly landed a 16.5″ rainbow on a broken rod.





I’ve already done an entire post on how great Tenkara USA’s customer service is but, it’s worth noting that it was once again exceptional. I placed my order on Wednesday, tracking number said it would arrive on Monday and it showed up on Saturday. Stellar job Daniel and crew! (Thanks especially in this instance to TJ as he’s who I emailed back and forth with)

After my heart rate slowed a bit we moved upstream. Thurston was also throwing the bacon and egg setup and found pay dirt.





No broken rod for him but, if I recall he was fishing is 4/5wt and this fish was giving him a run for his money. Finally he brought it in, just before a quick run that surely would’ve caused him to lose the fish.


Beautiful Brown there, Birthday boy! We fished for a few more hours. I had no strikes, probably for the best as I was fishing a broken rod… Thurston saw one more while casting through some riffles but neither of us had any further fish to hand.



Not that it really mattered to us. We debated calling it quits after those first two catches but, we couldn’t tear ourselves away from the water.




We finished our planned loop, explored some new braids that weren’t there last fall and then headed back to the truck for one last beer before heading back to town.

Rock Creek is quickly becoming my favorite spot to wet line. I love Rattlesnake Creek for how close it is to home and how challenging it can be but, something about Rock Creek just speaks to me. And it’s always nice to share a good day on the water with a friend.

Happy Birthday, Thurston!


And happy angling everyone else!

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