Rock Creek

Chad picked me up from work and we headed out to Rock Creek. It was probably around six when we actually got on the water. He’s been wanting to reach the confluence with the Clark Fork so we skipped around some holes we’d normally fish in the lower section. He was throwing streamers, I had a stonefly/egg combo on to start.



I was casting through a run when I saw a splash just downstream from where I was casting in a seam. I ran my setup through a time or two then called Chad over. After a few casts something hit, Chad set and his tippet promptly broke. We didn’t get a look at it but it must’ve been a decent sized fish. No doubt in my mind anyway.

A few more bends in the river and we’d reached a section neither of us had fished yet. I had a strike and saw a flash but missed the set. Kept casting to the same spot and hooked up with a good-sized whitefish.


My best whitefish impersonation… Haven’t caught a trout since January first. Apparently I’m only able to catch whites and suckers now. Oh well.

We kept moving downstream, didn’t get all the way to the confluence before we decided to head back up the car before dark.





Happy angling.

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2 Responses to Rock Creek

  1. John @ Tenkara USA says:

    Hi Danny,

    Just wanted to say hi again and thanks for being such a great tenkara ambassador. Daniel Galhardo and I will be in Missoula this coming weekend for the Orvis Guide rendezvous. I hope we can meet up with you and chat some. Please feel free to contact me at this email and let me know when you might be available. There is an open to the public event on Saturday afternoon from 4-6:30 pm. Hope we can at least see you there.

    John Geer Tenkara USA

    • Danny says:

      Hi John,

      Had the pleasure of meeting you and Daniel at last years Guide rendezvous. Would love to see you guys again and spend more than 30 seconds chatting! I’ll shoot you an email shortly.

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