November/December Outings

I’m more than a little bit behind on the November portion so, I’m going to keep it brief.

Mid-November I was expecting things to slow down for the year and wanted to get out on the Clark Fork. I hit a spot under the Higgins St bridge, expecting to get into some pike minnows. Started the day with an olive killer bugger, had a bump then nothing. Saw some fish rising and switched to a kebari. When I finally hooked up I was surprised to find trout, not pike minnows, on the end of my line.



Not record setters but, I’m not one to complain about the size or type of fish that takes my fly.



I love fishing in the heart of Missoula. People stop and watch as they are walking past, it’s good fishing, and it’s obviously an easy trip from home. Will have to explore more areas of urban fishing in Missoula in the coming year.


After a few little guys I moved to a bit better position near some deeper water and took my two largest fish of the day.



Finished up with this beautiful little guy.


And a nice pano of where I spent my afternoon. As always, time well spent on the water.


Cold temps moved in at the end of November and stuck around through most of December. And I mean bitter cold. Rivers froze over and most of my time was spent fatbiking if I managed to even get outdoors. The last week or two has been much milder. The rivers thawed enough and I decided to get out one last time for 2013.


Pretty uneventful trip. No fish but a fun couple hours on the water. 2013 started with me getting skunked but having a good time so, ending the same way was fitting.


Somehow managed to turn a filter on the iPod…





2013 was a great year.

Chad and I got out for a bit of fishing this morning on Rock Creek. That’ll be covered in the next post but, here’s a little preview.


Happy New Year everyone and as always, Happy angling.

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