Short outing on Rattlesnake

Fishing regulations say you can fish Rattlesnake Creek from the Clark Fork to 100yds below the Dam. It’s then closed upstream until Beeskove Creek. I’m trying to get the lower section complete before the season ends. Today, I started at the train tracks and worked my way up to the footbridge in Greenough Park.



A few nice pockets. Some deep holes. But, an overwhelming stench of piss. Empty bottles of booze, trash. It’s hugely disappointing that an awesome stretch of water is ruined by a small group of people.


I kept working my way upstream with no action. Finally got a bite but the fish released itself quickly. Had it on a second time with the same result.


Once I got into Greenough it felt a bit more like the ‘Snake I’m used to fishing. Not long after I got into my only fish.



A healthy 10-11″ cutthroat. As usual, the Amago handle it perfectly.


While I was bummed by the state of the water lower down it was still a nice afternoon on a beautiful little creek. Only one small section to go. Maybe I’ll get it done and be able to start on the upper section before the season is over…

Happy angling.


*All pics for this post were taken with a 5G iPod touch and the post was also written on the same device. Let me know if the quality is better/worse or there are any odd formatting issues!

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