First attempts tying the Killer Bugger

As I mentioned in my last post, I picked up a one-fly kit from Tenkarabum. I did a previous post on the quality of customer service from Tenkara USA, you can consider this post my endorsement for Tenkarabum.

I’ve ordered EZ-Keepers from Tenkarabum once in the past and received a Christmas gift that had been ordered from Chris as well. With each order he’s included a hand written note thanking me for my business. This round, he even included a yarn sample that he’d considered using in place of the final choice for the kit. Both my orders came in a timely fashion, his prices are excellent and the products he carries have exceeded my expectations.

Maybe I’m just lucky but, so far all the companies I’ve worked with since picking up fly fishing have been stellar. If you’re looking for a wider selection of rods, excellent tying materials, or just want to see what else is out there in the way of tenkara tackle, hit up Tenkarabum.

Now, on to the kit itself.

The instructions are very clear so, the don’t judge the kit on my poor tying ability.


Attempt number one, I went WAY too long on the marabou. I’ve only tied a few kebari prior to this so, this is my first experience with all the materials in this kit.


Slightly better length, my whip finishing still needs a lot of practice. Or a whip-finisher needs to be purchased…


My third and final attempt for today is on the bottom left in this picture. I got a bit better length on the marabou but, it doesn’t look very natural and is actually a bit stiff as I think I went a bit too far down on the feather for this piece.


All in all, it’s a great kit. I’ll be purchasing one-fly kits from Tenkarabum again for sure. It’s an easy way to learn a new fly and I’m happy to support a business that does an excellent job with their customer service. With practice, I’m sure I’ll improve the quality of my flies. And hopefully, the local trout like what they see.

Happy angling!

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