Rattlesnake Creek, again.

Thurston had the day off and wanted to get out and fish. Twist my arm…

We headed up the Rattlesnake, having been up there twice last week I knew we could get into some fish on drys. We started in Greenough Park. Not even five minutes after getting on the water I was into the first fish of the day.



Good start. I moved upstream a bit, had a strike and then stepped out of the way while Thurston got into his first of the day.



From there, things went quiet. Really quiet. The only thing we managed to pull out of the water was this fishing line and bobber. It had a nymph on the end. Explain that one to me…


We kept working our way upstream, hitting spots that we were sure would produce results. Not even a bump.




Thurston popped upstream to a log jam that we’ve had luck with in previous trips and was not disappointed. There was some sort of hatch going off as the water was boiling with fish.


Multiple fish rising all over the pool. It was unreal. The most unbelievable was the fish I watched shoot a good 2 feet out of the water straight up. Looked like a missile being launched from a submarine. After Thurst took a couple out, I slid in and did the same.




After we pulled upwards of ten trout out, things started to die down. The sun came out, the hatch must have died off, and some seriously inconsiderate woman walked her dog down right next to where I was casting to get water. Some people are just unbelievably rude. We headed back to the cars and went further up to where I’d ended my trip last Thursday.

Upon arrival, I immediately went to the hole that I’d seen the monster fish in. Not two casts later and it was on my line. The thing was huge! I controlled it across the first part of the creek but then disaster. It found a large rock and shot under, then snapped my tippet. It was heartbreaking to be within a couple of feet of landing it only to have it break off. I will be back…

We headed downstream a bit and started working back towards the big fishes home.


I was doing some left-handed casting when I snagged my final fish of the day. I was barely paying attention but, I knew it was time to pack it in. Started the day with a catch, ended the day with a catch. Hard to complain about that.


It was another beautiful day on the water and some fish played nice. Three species on the line out of the same creek (cutthroat, brown, rainbow), and a short dance with a leviathan? That’s a dang fine afternoon. And I’ll be back to go after the big guy again soon…

Happy angling!

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2 Responses to Rattlesnake Creek, again.

  1. scottmathson says:

    Awesome post here! Man, I may have to try my luck up the Rattlesnake, it seems promising. I love the pictures posted here, kudos!

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