Another trifecta on the Snake

The day started with a Rainbow Trout, ended with a Cutthroat and there was a Brown Trout in the middle. I’d apologize for all the Rattlesnake trip posts lately but, it’s an awesome place to fish! Have almost explored all of it from the Clark Fork to the Dam , not sure I’ll have it done by the time creeks close next month.

As I’m currently in between jobs (season at the bike shop has ended and my winter job hasn’t started up yet), I’ve had a lot of time on my hands the last week or so. Hence the frequent fishing trips. This afternoon, I couldn’t stand watching to see if the Red Sox could hold a 1-0 lead and take game three of the ALCS via twitter and other online sources. So, I grabbed my gear, threw my waders on and headed up the Rattlesnake, again.


Another gorgeous fall afternoon. I decided to start at the footbridge and work my way up. Just a few minutes after getting in the water I took a beautiful rainbow out from under the bridge. For whatever reason, every time I catch a rainbow the fight doesn’t end once I get them in hand. They must be camera-shy as they always seem to slip away before I can snap a pic. Landing net is a priority once cash flow normalizes!



I worked my way upstream with no action for a bit. As has been the norm the last few outings, spots that look magnificent yield no fish. To be fair, I was pressing a bit hard and fast as I didn’t plan on being out for long. A bit upstream from the bridge the creek goes from wide and shallow to having some serious rocks. Things got interesting there and I began pulling fish out left and right.





The above fish put up a solid fight. I hooked it out of a pool just before an irrigation diversion, top center of the pic just above the fish itself. After that, I climbed the embankment and got on the footpath back down to the bridge. I could see some nice looking water further upstream but, figured I’d leave that for another day.

On the way out, I of course had to hit “one last hole”. As I was working into position my fly dragged the water and my final fish of the day struck. Hard to claim that my “last cast” took a fish as it was more dumb luck than anything else but, I’ll take it.




It was a fast trip. I brought in about 10 fish ranging from 9″-12″ in about an hour of fishing. Hard to complain about that. I even attempted a few release videos. I’m still working on getting the camera angle right underwater, so lower your expectations.


I’ve been considering doing a review post of my Simms Rivertek BOA boots and Freestone Stockingfoot waders but, I just don’t feel like dedicating an entire post to a review. I’d want decent pics of them in action and that would require spending time doing that instead of fishing! I’ll just say, these were both fantastic purchases. I was skeptical of the BOA at first but, they really are super fast and easy. The tread on the boots has made a world of difference in my wading. And the Freestone waders have been fantastic. Last year I dealt with a cheap pair of Frog-togs that were uncomfortable, restrictive and about what you’d expect from a sub-$100 pair of waders. The Freestone are $249 retail and worth every penny. Aside from the fact that it’s a Montana company, I love the quality of all the Simms stuff I’ve used so far. It’s safe to say they have a customer for life with me.

Took a short walk to the truck, loaded up and was on my way home.



Missoula is a pretty awesome place. You should visit sometime, and then go home, we don’t want you moving here we just want your tourist dollars. 😉

Waiting for me at home was a happy dog, my wife studying hard, the good news of a Red Sox victory and a package from Tenkarabum.


Looks like I’ll be learning to tie some killer buggers in the morning!

Happy angling all!

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