Three outings in 5 days (part 2 of 2)

I’m so behind on this it really shouldn’t even have been done as a two parter. In the last post, I fished Kelly Island and found myself a rainbow.

On Monday of last week, I headed up the Rattlesnake for a quick trip. It’s a stretch I’ve fished often and it starts here…


I started downstream of the first log pictured. No action. After crossing the log I watched a fish rise from under the log and take a bug. I cast my kebari upstream a bit, let it drift and right when it got under the log a couple twitches is all it took. Fish on! It managed to spit the hook. Solid start! I moved up over the next log and cast downstream to a pool. I was twitching the fly back upstream across the surface when a big trout hammered the fly. Either it didn’t fully take or I was over-eager as I didn’t hook up. And that was it. I moved upstream a bit further but had no action from that point on and wrapped things up shortly there after.

Being skunked is a bummer. But having a fish on the line only to lose it may be worse. I had to redeem myself so, Thursday I headed up around noon and started at the same spot. No action in the first two holes, I think I was just a bit too early in the day, still very overcast and cold.


It was a gorgeous day on the water and after several hours with no luck, it seemed like that’s all it would be. But, as I had the time I kept pressing on, exploring a section of river I’d not been on before. My camera was giving me fits so of course, when I finally hooked into my first fish of the day, a solid three hours after starting, I didn’t get a pic.



Then, things started to heat up. I’d lost my kebari (and several other flies) to snags and switched over to drys. That was apparently a good plan.


Every fish I got into was in the 10″-12″ range. Gorgeous trout. By this time, I was getting exhausted. Even with sloppy casting and splashing through the creek I kept getting into more fish.



My last pictured fish of the day. I went on to catch a bunch after this but the camera battery had finally conked out. After six hours on the river, I was ready to be done but, came across a nice looking stretch of water that I just couldn’t pass on. A brown and two cutthroat were my reward for “one last cast”. And then, a hog came from the depths. Looked to be a cutthroat and easily upwards of twenty inches. It sipped at one of my dry flies but just wouldn’t take. I put the spot in my memory bank and hoofed it back to the truck. According to Google Maps it was about 1.6 miles, so about the same distance on the water. A long, fun afternoon on the water to be sure.

No more two parters in the future… too hard for me to remember specifics 😉

Happy angling all!

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