Tenkara Fly-tie-a-thon

Tenkara USA is holding a “fly-tie-a-thon” to benefit the victims of flooding in Colorado. For every fly tied and shared on either twitter or their Facebook page, TUSA will be donating $1 to help those effected. It’s a good cause, and at the absolute least it’s a great excuse to practice tying.

One of the rivers to see flooding is the St. Vrain. One of the only rivers that’s currently on my bucket list, thanks to John Gierach and his stellar writing. A few weeks back I ran into a fellow tenkara angler here in Missoula who happened to be from Colorado. I read countless blogs from folks in that area and of course, fish a Tenkara USA rod, a company now based in Colorado.

I just picked up a vise earlier in the year and you can count on one hand the number of flies I’ve tied but, feeling even a slight connection to people in the area made me bust out the materials I had and give it a go. Here are the two hideous kebari I whipped up.



My thoughts and well wishes go out to any and all who’ve been dealing with this devastation. I hope the recovery efforts are swift and simple and you’re all able to begin enjoying the water again soon.

All the best and happy angling.

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