Bass Creek

Thurston and I headed south today. We hit up Bass Creek to try to find some fish with plans of heading to Blacksmith Brewing afterwards. Upon arrival, the water was super low, the first few promising holes we hit resulted in no action and it was looking like we’d head in to Stevensville for a beer sooner rather than later.



We made our way up the trail head a bit further though and were rewarded with our first fish of the day. Using my Soyokaze and a dry I hooked my first ever brook trout.


The fishing didn’t get any easier from there but we both got in to progressively larger fish. Biggest of the day was in the 11″ range, a Cutthroat on the kebari I tied yesterday for Tenkara USA’s Colorado benefit. The Amago and my kebari actually was the most productive rod/fly combo of the day. I’m becoming a big believer in the kebari. Lots of fun to fish and solid results.



Did I mention the water was low? Once we found holding water, we got in to some nice fish.




The above picture was taken today. The one below was taken when Thurston and I hit Bass Creek back at the end of July.


Amazing difference. Pretty pumped we had such good luck on this water today as low as it was.


After we’d headed up-stream for a while we decided it was time to head back down and hit a spot or two we’d skipped over. Worked out well. The last two casts of the day resulted in a very nice cutt for Thurst and a smaller but still nice looking one for myself.

Always a good way to end the day. What started looking like it would end up just being a beer drinking hike turned into a productive day. Checked brookie off my list, caught some fish on kebari and Thurston caught fish on both tenkara rods. He spent most of the drive home checking websites and picking out a rod for himself.

After we hit Blacksmith for a beer of course…

Happy Angling all.

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2 Responses to Bass Creek

  1. wildont says:

    definitely my favourite way to fish brook trout. Great post!

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