An early morning and a late afternoon

Chad and I got out before work last Wednesday. We hit the Clark Fork by Madison St and I thought it’d be a good time to try my luck with the 5wt and reel set up.


Chad has a switch rod he picked up earlier in the year. Love watching him throw tons of line with this thing.


We were on the water at 6:30 if I recall. Saw some fish rising but, neither of us had any action. I managed to lose two flies to bushes behind me in a matter of minutes and came to the conclusion that I’m just not that interested in learning “western” fly fishing. I don’t think tenkara is “better” or that a rod and reel is too complicated or any such nonsense. What it comes down to is I just don’t want to put the time in to get good at it. I do just fine with my tenkara rods and the occasional spinner set up. So, I’ve given the rod back to Chad and will be giving the reel back to Thurston. It was still a fun way to spend time before heading to work. Turned in to a bit of a long day, I rode in a cyclocross clinic after work and was dead tired after being out of the house for something like 15 hours.

Today, after spending the afternoon with friends and family watching the Raiders actually pull out a win, I thought I’d leave Shannon to some peace and quiet for study time. I headed up the Rattlesnake and tried to find myself some fish on my chosen style of rods.


Pulled two little guys out of this small pool. Nothing of notable size, maybe four inchers. Caught them on a kebari using my Amago. I may not be a full on traditionalist but, I do enjoy dabbling in it from time to time.


Nice bit of property for these folks along the river, eh? Normally, I do my best to avoid getting lawns and houses in my photos on this stretch of water but, it was a cool pic with the almost double rainbow.

I hooked up with a trout in the 10″ range not long after seeing the rainbow. It slunk away before I had a chance to get the camera out.


I pulled the majority of my fish out of this hole. I even took a video but, my casting form is awful and it’s almost 15 minutes long and I just don’t feel like editing it right now. But the framing worked out so, maybe I’ll give it another go in the future. After taking several with the Amago and the kebari I switched to the Soyokaze with a beat up parachute adams and pulled several more out. I know I’ll never be able to go strictly kebari because I just love watching fish rise to dries, even if they are 7″ or smaller.


Moving upstream I saw some fish rising in this pool. Normally, the locals truly use it as a pool. Now that summer is over however, I went after ’em. I only managed to pull a little guy out on the downstream side but, I cast above the log and got into a ~13″ cuttbow. Again, while trying to fight with my camera he flopped away. Part of me was annoyed as it meant no pics of fish from this trip. Another part of me was annoyed that I felt the need to take the pics in the first place. It really pulled me out of my place of calm. I felt distracted by the camera and found myself feeling like I would rather just let the fish be on its way than take an extra 10 seconds of its time out of water. There probably won’t be a ton of fish pics on the blog until I get a net or a GoPro (headmount, pull pics from the video, easiest but priciest solution…). Hopefully, I’ll still manage some but, I’m not going to let the camera run my fishing trip.


Pretty amazing place I get to live and fish in and around. Already looking forward to my next outing.

Happy angling!

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