Tiny trout and a tenkara sighting

I met up with Thurston last Tuesday after I got off work to get some flies on the water. We rigged up in the Double Tree parking lot and then wandered down to the Clark Fork. I’ve tried fishing this section before and have never had any luck. Today was no different. There was one other guy fly fishing downstream a bit and he didn’t seem to have any bites either. After throwing a streamer for a little bit I decided to just sit and watch Thurston cast for a while and enjoy my beer.



Apparently, we weren’t the only creatures who wanted to enjoy this stretch of water. This duck cruised up behind Thurston, right past me and proceeded to splash around for a few minutes.





With neither Thurston or I having any sort of luck I decided I was going to hit Rattlesnake Creek. I’ve had decent luck at a few holes right before it dumps in to the Clark Fork. When I turned around however, someone was fishing where I was about to go. I had to do a double take though, turned out he was using a tenkara rod! First time I’ve run into another tenkara angler on the water. Alex and Justin (sorry if I got either of those names wrong guys!) work on a line crew if I recall correctly in were just in town for a few days. Alex got one of the starter kits from Tenkarabum and seemed to be enjoying it. We talked tenkara for a bit then Missoula in general. They moved up Rattlesnake Creek a bit and we fished below them closer to the Clark. Not long after parting, Alex pulled out his second trout for the day.


Pretty fun meeting someone else with a tenkara rod. And the ones Chris sells in his Tenkarabum starter kit sure looked nice. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone after seeing Alex’s. Thurston and I eventually moved up the creek after Alex and Justin packed it in. I pulled out a nice little Cutthroat in the 7″ range, that would be my largest on the day. We proceeded to pull out a slew of tiny trout. Some so small I have no idea how they even managed to get a hook in their mouth. I fished a dirty rat that my friend Bones tied for Thurston and had good results. I only gave it a try for a bit as the light was waning and the thing was so small I could barely see it.



Turned out to be a pretty fun evening on the water. We caught some fish, enjoyed randomly meeting some other anglers, had a few beers and pulled some litter out of the creek. Gotta love all the opportunities Missoula has to offer.

If anyone out there is ever going to be in Missoula, look me up. I’d be happy to come throw some line on the water and swap fishing stories.

Happy angling!

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2 Responses to Tiny trout and a tenkara sighting

  1. scottmathson says:

    Hey I appreciate reading posts from local fisherman! I too wrote post about the spot below the Double Tree with a little different outcome: http://enteradventure.wordpress.com/2012/12/05/35/
    That spot gets fished harder then hell lately, so what used to be a good hole close to home is now just something to look at.

    • Danny says:

      Oof, nice fish! That thing’s a beast. I’ve never come close to getting something like that out of there on the Clark Fork but, have heard of a few like yours. I guess that’s what keeps sending me back. You’re completely right though, that spot gets hit hard and seems to be generally unproductive.

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