Pike Fishing

I was supposed to do an overnight camp trip and get some tenkara fishing in on Saturday but, plans fell through. Worked out just fine. My wife and I stopped by a local brewery for a couple of hours to enjoy a friends band, had a nice dinner out and then headed home.

But thankfully, I didn’t have to go without fishing the entire weekend. When he heard my plans had fallen through my friend Chad invited me to head out on his boat and chase some pike. Sunday afternoon we loaded up and headed east to a small “lake” to see what kind of trouble we could get into. I fished my Amago with a streamer (and had a pretty sizable trout follow it, reject it then strike, that got the blood pumping), switched to my 5wt “western” rod with a streamer (I can’t cast for a damn, it was a bit scary having a big fly whip past my face…) and finally started hucking a spoon on a spinning rod. The only thing we had luck on was the spoon. Chad hauled in three pike. I had a large one on the hook but managed to lose it. Next time…

It was a dang fun trip. I certainly have a new appreciation for spinning rods (there’s a time and place for every style of angling). And I’m looking forward to going back. Gotta see if I can drag a pike in on the tenkara rod…

Enjoy the pics.





How Chad managed to hook a dragon-fly I’ll never guess.


Catch of the day.

black bear

Black bear we saw wandering around the shore. We also saw a bunch of ducks, an osprey, a beaver and a boat load of bats after it got dark.


Our redneck solution for having one tail light out, duct tape my head lamp to a tie down!


Cleaning up the boat getting ready for the next trip.

Happy angling!

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