I’ve had a lot of “passions” in my thirty years. Gaming, paintball, 4×4’s, movies, comics, you name it I’ve probably been into it. Right now, two things divide most of my attention as far as hobbies are concerned. Bikes and fishing. I’m extremely lucky to say I love what I do for a living. I get to work on bikes and talk to people about bikes (and in the process hopefully sell them one). It’s amazing. Every day I go to work I think about how lucky I am to be apart of such an awesome industry and spend my days with fantastic people.

But, I’d be lying if I said my one true passion wasn’t fishing. It’s an avocation, no doubt. While I love working in the biking industry I’m not sure I could say the same thing for the fishing industry. However, I really can’t put into words how fishing makes me feel connected to the world around me. That said, sometimes people do it for me. My friend Chad shared this movie with me on Facebook. It’s one of those great instances where someone else says what’s in my mind. And not only that, they do it along with beautiful imagery.

Breathe: A people film about fly-fishing and work. *FULL MOVIE* from RC Cone on Vimeo.

I feel really lucky to have found things to be passionate about by the time I’ve hit thirty. And even more so that I get to share those things with people I’m passionate about like my wife, my Dad and some of the most amazing people in the world like Chad, Thurston, and Matt. Enjoy the above video and then get out and enjoy some angling. I have a feeling some of you out there may just find your passion.

Happy angling.

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