Rock Creek with Thurston and Chad

Didn’t take many pictures for this trip and wasn’t even planning on doing a post. But, I figured that’s the first step to this blog suffering a painful death.

Anyway, Thurston picked Chad and I up from work on Friday and we headed up Rock Creek to try and escape the smoke. After a quick stop at Tom Dooley’s for hot dogs, we got about 4 miles up Rock Creek, rigged up and made our way to the water.

We didn’t hit the stretch I’d hit earlier in the week with Matt. We all got into fish, Chad took the biggest by far. It wasn’t nearly as smokey as it was in the valley, we had some beers and a good time in general.






Chad and I watched a hatch go off with tons of strikes as close as a few feet away from us. He pulled the above fish out on a streamer just before and I pulled out a couple tiny guys on a caddis. Thurston had gone upstream a bit at the start and we got separated so, I missed his catches.

Fun time, it was nice to not be overly focused on taking pics/thinking of what I wanted to write for the blog. Sometimes it’s nice to just get out and enjoy time on the water with friends.

Happy angling.

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3 Responses to Rock Creek with Thurston and Chad

  1. Amber says:

    Looks like a fun day. And way easier than my last trout fishing attempt, scrambling under hundreds of deadfalls.

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