Bugbee Nature Area Part 2

After being rained out on Monday I was itching to get out again by Tuesday afternoon. Hopped the bus again and walked up to the same starting point. Tied on a royal coachmen and had several hits within minutes. Six fish on the hook, all released themselves before I could get them all the way in, frustrating to say the least.

I’d texted a friend who also fishes the area and he suggested I move up closer to a bridge. I worked my way up, hitting pockets along the way with the same result. Multiple fish on the hook, none that would stay there.



A solid fish with some fight in it. Started the day with the Amago, I felt that it deserved some action.




Worked my way up-stream, pulling in two more fish along the way. Things started to get a bit more brushy upstream of the bridge. I switched over to my Soyokaze, same fly, and things really warmed up.


Lost track of how many fish in the 8-10″ range I pulled in. At this point, I was on a stretch of water that my friend Chad and I first fished on a year ago. He had tons of success, as usual, and I couldn’t even set the fly. Today, it was a many fish day. Amazing what a year of working at learning to cast and read water will do.


Very cool piece of artwork in one of the backyards.


Looking back downstream towards the bridge.


The Soyo handled every fish I got into perfectly and was able to get into some tighter spots that would’ve been difficult for the Amago. Basically, it was exactly what I’d hoped it would be when I started drooling over it.

Still working on getting some decent release vids…


I speed fished most of the water upstream from the bridge. Had to meet my wife at the take out after she finished up with yoga and I didn’t want to keep her waiting. Several nice looking spots I had to walk past. Not a big deal, just an excuse to get out again ASAP.

Happy angling all.

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