Exceptional Customer Service from Tenkara USA

Really didn’t want to bury the lead on this one. Sunday, August 4th, my Dad and I went fishing on Kootenai Creek. While trying to navigate some rocks he slipped and fell. Thankfully, the only casualty was my Amago. Sections two and three were shattered. We finished up the trip using my Soyokaze, I went to work and didn’t have a chance to email TenkaraUSA until later that afternoon.


The three broken sections are to the left in the above photo.




After taking the rod apart that evening I realized it was actually three broken sections. I jumped on the web and emailed TUSA. Let them know that it was entirely operator error and no fault of the rods. I just needed to know what it was going to take to get some new sections sent out.

I sent my initial email at 4:42 PM on a Sunday. EIGHT minutes later I had a reply from John. Not only did he walk me through the process, he asked how my Dad was since I’d mentioned the slip and fall in my initial email. As John is also in Montana, we traded a few emails back and forth about how our respective seasons have been and he suggested I join the Tenkara Anglers group on Facebook.

Let me reiterate one point from that paragraph…it took EIGHT MINUTES on a Sunday evening to get a reply. That’s above and beyond what I expect from any company I work with.

So, I followed John’s directions and the rod segments shipped out on Monday. The order arrived on Saturday.



Less than a week from the breakage I was able to get back on the water. I didn’t have a chance to until today sadly. But I’m happy to report, the Amago is back to catching fish. Two nice little guys on Rattlesnake Creek in a new-to-me section on dry flies.

I’ve been a big fan of this company since before I bought my rod last year. I’d heard nothing but good things and I lusted after the Amago for a long time before pulling the trigger. Now that I’ve fished the rod for over a year, with a variety of flies and on all kinds of water, and dealt with their customer service, I couldn’t be happier to have supported them as a company. Well done John, Daniel and everyone else involved in TUSA. Keep up the excellent work.


Happy angling!

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2 Responses to Exceptional Customer Service from Tenkara USA

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  2. dsanger says:

    I too have had excellent customer service from Tenkara USA for my 12ft. Iwana rod.

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