Fishing with Dad; Round 2

I took my Dad fishing for Father’s Day. In part, because I’m cheap and poor. But mostly, I thought he’d have a good time. You can read about it here. Today, we finally got out again and decided to head down the ‘Root to Kootenai Creek.


The water is way down but still nice and cool. Especially at 7:30 in the morning. Rigged Dad up on the Amago, tied on a royal coachmen and he was making some real nice roll casts in no time. 13’6″ of Amago is tough on Kootenai and his shoes sucked so, he was doing most of his fishing from the bank. Even with the added challenge of hitting water from under trees he was into a fish in no time.


It was a pretty fantastic morning on the water. Dad got into several more fish, all pretty decent sized for Kootenai.


The hike in is pretty mellow and the scenery is fantastic.



Lots of nice little Cutts.





A bit closer shot of one of the many gorgeous trout that decided to play nice.



Only reason I handled some of the fish was because I was wading and Dad wasn’t. It’s been awhile but, he knows how to handle and unhook a fish. 😉


Around the time of this pic Dad took an unfortunate spill. Thankfully, only the rod was hurt. Three sections above the handle went to meet their rod afterlife. I’ll have a blog post talking more about this, and how amazing Tenkara USA’s customer service is, soon, keep an eye out.

On the hike out, I hit a hole that’s been pretty productive for me and I wasn’t let down. Three fish or so in a matter of minutes.


Yeah… I managed a few casts and fish to hand as well.

Overall, an excellent morning on the water. Dad had a good time, I had a good time and we had some fish.

Take someone fishing. Tenkara or otherwise. You’ll both enjoy it.

Happy angling!

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