Bass Creek Trip

July 29th, 2012 was my second day of fishing with my Tenkara USA Amago and marked the first day I caught a fish. Nice little brown trout early on a Sunday morning. From then on I became hooked, excuse the pun.

A year later, Thurston and I headed down south to try our luck on Bass Creek. It was only my second trip to this stream but, with the luck we had it certainly won’t be the last.


I really don’t take all that much with me when I head out. The Goertzen chest pack has worked tremendously. My REI Flashpack still does a decent job and I’ve since picked up an Osprey water bladder that works much better than the old Camelbak. Peppers sunglasses with a set of Chums. Never forget the Chums. I lost an identical pair of glasses earlier in the year when I fell in Rattlensake Creek. Fly box with a meager, and very random, selection of flies. Leatherman and a cheap “Deucebrand” watch. More often than not I’ve been taking two rods. Most trips only one gets used but I split my time on Bass pretty evenly. Bear spray and of course a beer, in this case New Belgium Shift.


Thurston had to finish up some work before we got started so, while he sat at the trailhead with his phone and iPad I rigged up, crossed a side channel and got into a couple of fish.


The side channel didn’t have any promising spots so I moved through to the main channel of the creek.


Two casts later I was into this guy. Somewhere in the 10″ range with some nice heft to it. Caught this on a Soyokaze and a royal coachmen. I’d considered only fishing a kebari on this trip but laziness won out. The coachman is what I had rigged from the previous trip so it’s what I started with, no complaints from me or the fish!


I proceeded to pull two more fish out of the above section of water. All in the 8-10″ range. After fifteen minutes or so I headed back to the trailhead to see if Thurston was ready to head up the main trail.

Our plan was to head up the main trail a mile and a half. There is a log jam there that creates a big pond. I’m not sure if it’s a beaver dam, a natural log dam or what. All I know is we saw far too many spots along the way to pass by. We hit more than a couple on our way up and Thurston and I had more than a few fish before we even got to the dam.





The trail climbs up and away from the creek so we eventually decided to just push on and get to our planned destination rather than hit every pocket we could see. It’s a beautiful area to hike and I noticed some bike tire tracks in the dirt. I smell a fatbike trip in the making…


Along the way we saw a rabbit, some sort of little lizard and…


Could’ve cared less that I got right in his face to take a picture.

After hiking through what amounts to a rainforest, the valley opens up and you’re presented with an amazing view.


We saw fish feeding, got a bit careless and spooked them out of this first spot. We also found yet another of these guys enjoying the sun…


We moved up a bit further in the pond, watching fish rise all over the place. I switched from my Soyokaze to my Amago. A bit more line and length of the rod opened up some more water for me. I was throwing a self tied kebari at this point and after just a few casts I had a fish on!


Followed quickly by another.


Thurston had some luck in the pond area as well but, we missed some fish that looked to be pretty sizable. With gin clear water and a bit of a breeze they were by no means easy to target.


We moved further up the pond to check out the headwaters a bit.


All we managed to hook the further up we went were tree branches. We lost a fly each to a tree and decided it was time to start heading back downstream.


It was a wildlife filled trip to be sure.



Of course, we couldn’t leave the pond without having “just one more cast.” I pulled out a tiny guy and Thurston stung a fish or two.


The hike out was uneventful. We of course had to stop at one or two of the holes that had been productive on our way in, pulling out one or two more fish to cap the day.

The lower section of the creek is extremely overgrown and presents some challenging fishing. The pond is perfect for big delicate casts. And above it? Well, we’ll just have to go some other time and find out. A fun, diverse stream that’s very close to home. Can’t wait to get back down to it as soon as possible.

Happy angling all.

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