An evening on Kootenai

Wow, I’m behind on this one. And, shock of shocks, I went to Kootenai Creek, again. This time around Matt and I headed down on Monday after he got off work. It was blazing hot, the creek felt great and we got some fish to cooperate.



I started off in this hole, had some luck. No lunkers. I think the heat of the day had the big fish down. But there were plenty of greedy little fellas.

Matt started down stream from me a ways. Looked to have pretty decent luck as well…





I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I just love catching these little trout. Beautiful fish, and fighters. The Soyokaze has been too much fun lately.


Matt gave the Soyokaze a try. I think he dug it.


While he was fishing the Soyo, I gave his Iwana a try. Tenkara USA makes fantastic rods. The Iwana is far more suited to small fish than my Amago. Matt had a ton of line on and I was able to get some nice casts with it. Great, great rod.


It was, as always, a fantastic day on the water. Matt and I hadn’t hung out in a while either so it was good to do some catching up.





After about three hours of fishing we packed it in and headed for home. No better way to spend a Monday evening.


Happy angling all, and thanks for a fun trip Matt.

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