Quick Rattlesnake trip with Thurston

I spent all morning doing things around the house. After Shannon got off work, we took the dog for a walk and I was feeling restless. Even though it was hot out I just wanted to be somewhere other than cooped up inside. Thurston has excellent timing. “Any interest in a quick trip to Greenough?” Less than half an hour later we were on the water.


Thurston was first in to a fish. Nice cutthroat. I got into a rainbow soon after.


Thurston was kindly using his Ketchum release to let him off the line for me. Great little tool I keep meaning to pick up.


The water level is way down. Fires are popping up all around the Missoula area. While they are being quickly controlled, I don’t think this bodes well for creek fishing lasting all summer.


Thurston battled with the trees a fair bit today. The wind did keep picking up, maybe that had something to do with it.


Dealing with one of many man-made “pools” in the creek. I’m so torn on these, in a side channel just last week I had plenty of action from fish showing that they can and do deal with these just fine. However, it just seems like such a dick move. There are natural places to relax, creating these “tubs” is just overkill. Complete lack of respect for nature.


My second and final fish of the day. Beautiful little buggers. Always appreciate when they cooperate.



While I was releasing my little guy, Thurston got his final fish of the day. Another cutthroat in the eleven inch range.

It was an excellent excursion. In about an hour we each pulled out a pair of fish. Cooled off in the water and finished things off with a beer.


Hopefully, the fires remain at bay and we get to fish creeks all summer long. If not, so be it. I’m sure we can find willing fish on the rivers. And if the smoke gets bad, we can always escape to Eastern Montana…

Happy angling all.

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2 Responses to Quick Rattlesnake trip with Thurston

  1. Amber says:

    Come to Wisconsin! We’ve got trout streams, and everything here’s still kind of flooded. It’s too wet to catch fire.

    • Danny says:

      Would love to hit the mid-west someday for some fishing. Still have tons and tons of home water to explore though before I start thinking about interstate trips!

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