Weekend of Fishing

Friday after work, I met up with Thurston and his wife Suzanne. He and I did some fishing while she enjoyed the warm weather, until the bugs started attacking her that is… đŸ˜‰

Thurston decided to give my TenkaraUSA Amago a try this trip. First cast…fish on!


In the same stretch using my Soyokaze from TenkaraBum I got into a slab. The Soyokaze handled it well, bring it from the opposite bank in close. Unfortunately, the fish managed to spit the hook before I could land it. It was a fun fight and good to know that the Soyokaze can handle sizeable fish if I should happen to get into them.

We worked our way upstream, Thurston absolutely crushed it. I think he was in the neighborhood of nine fish. Nothing set any records but all were nice to look at, I think he dug tenkara for this type of fishing for sure.




While Friday was fun, today was probably the most excited about a fishing trip I’ve been in a while. My wife Shannon agreed to give it a try. We stopped by Missoulian Angler and got her a license and headed up to the Rattlesnake.


She started off with my Amago, had a few fish strike but missed the set. She felt like the Amago was a bit long and was having a hard time casting so, she switched over to the Soyokaze. We worked our way upstream and she got better and better at casting. We found a spot I thought would be productive, I cast in to show here were I thought she should get her fly and…


Little dink came out. My only fish of the day and I wasn’t even paying attention for it! Shannon made a very nice cast to the same spot and had a fish take her fly. She brought it in perfectly and while she was trying to control the line it released itself. I count it as a catch as she had it pretty much in hand, just didn’t have it long enough to get a picture!


We moved up the spot pictured above and promptly got another chance at getting a picture of Shannon with a fish. She placed the fly perfectly, missed a few strikes, and finally… BROWN TROUT!


So much fun! Wisely, Shannon decided she was done for the day after this catch. So, two fish in, two on the line that released, I’d say that was a successful first outing for her! Great job baby, proud of you!

I tried hitting a few other spots but had no luck, for once I’m ok with that, and for being outfished. It was a great day on the water and I couldn’t be happier that my wife had so much fun and good results!





I did scope out some water a bit further upstream. Soon…

Great weekend with friends, family, and fish! Hope you all had a good one.

Happy angling!

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