Fishing with Thurston

My friend Thurston and I were out mountain biking awhile back when he took a bit of a spill. Sadly, he injured his knee and had some complications with it, meaning he’s been mostly out of commission for outdoor activities since. We finally had a chance to get out for some fishing on a local creek yesterday. While getting together for beers is fun, getting out on the water is even better. Close to home, a hot afternoon, cold water and ripping some lips with a good friend were a great way to finish of a workday.

Thurston had never fished this stretch of water so I took us to a hole that I’ve had luck in recently. Nothing doing on our first stop there as it’s apparently considered a swimming hole this time of year…

Moving on, I put a fly in the hole near this tree…


And pulled out our first fish of the day…


Won’t be setting any records with most of the fish in this area but there are some larger ones, I’ve seen em, just need to work on enticing them out. We moved up stream a bit further, I started hitting some pockets and pulled fish out of pretty much each one.




Like I said, didn’t set any size records that day. Thankfully, I have just as much fun catching little guys like this at the big one I took in the boat the other day.

We headed back downstream and Thurston hit the spot I pulled my first out of to get his first of the afternoon.


The swimmers had departed so we thought we’d give the starting spot another try, good decision.



Thurston set the bar for size for this trip. Beautiful little fish and a fighter to boot. We moved down stream again to give a few more promising looking spots a try.




Fish were holding in the expected spots, Thurston also found some midstream that were willing to take a look at Parachute Adams.


Two happy anglers. Of course, on our way out we spotted a couple of spots that I couldn’t help but throw a fly in…


“One last cast.” right? By far the most productive day I’ve had on this stretch of water, great to get out with Thurston again. We headed back to the parking lot, got my bag out of Thurstons car, hopped on my bike and rode home. That’s right, it’s within biking distance of my house. Gotta love what Missoula has to offer!

And on the ride home?


Beautiful sunset over the Clark Fork. Thanks for a fun time Thurston, we’ll get back there again ASAP.

Happy angling all!

And a Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans. Be safe and have fun.

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