Creek Fishing

Had a chance to get out with Chad for a little creek fishing. I’m usually not secretive about spots we head to but, I’m going to keep this one to myself. Chad’s always kind enough to show me some great spots, he’s saved me countless hours of hunting for places to fish. This time, I’m going to let other people figure it out on their own. It was super challenging, absolutely beautiful and close enough to home that I don’t want to start running into other folks there on the occasion I get out 😉


Believe it or not there IS a creek down there…


Beautiful. The perfect chance to try out my Soyokaze. It’s a 9′ rod that weighs under 2.0oz. Getting through the tight brush along this creek would’ve been much more difficult with my Amago (13.5′ and 3.5oz) and the fish I got into were a lot more sporting on this super soft rod compared to the “big fish” rod from TenkaraUSA.



As usual, Chad was the first into a fish. Hooked this guy on a dry, I started with a kebari but lost it to a snag and switched over to dry myself.



And another for Chad. Not long after…


First fish on a dry for the year and first on my Soyokaze. It tried to run down a fall and it was a real challenge to control it with the short/light rod. Tons of fun.

Challenging fishing to say the least. Chad just missed the set here, I cast in shortly after and missed a set as well.



We threw in on either side of this big log and had strikes on the first cast. We both missed the set. A few casts later, I pulled my second fish out. Didn’t bother to take a picture of that one. Trying to remember to be “in the moment” every now and then. Beautiful little trout around 6″ hooked on a dry fly.


A bit further upstream, I hauled in my third and final fish of the day. I was super pleased with the Soyokaze. It was exactly what I envisioned it being. A bit more compact and functional on tight streams and the softer rod makes fighting smaller fish a lot more challenging.


Chad had switched to a streamer and managed to get into some fish. Some that struck it couldn’t even cram the thing in their mouth. This one didn’t have that problem. Hilarious to see him catch fish out of such a small creek on such a large fly.


We bush whacked our way back to the road and walked back to the truck. It was a beautiful evening on the water and a fun time with a fishing buddy as always. Lucky to live in an area where we have options like this creek. Can’t wait to do even more exploring on small water in the area.

Happy angling!

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