Two Creeks

For Father’s Day I’m taking my Dad fishing. It’s going to be fun. I’ve been hoping to take him to Kootenai Creek. It quickly became one of my favorite spots last year when I took up tenkara. It’s a nice hike in, the water is crystal clear, and the cutthroat are beautiful and abundant. It’s also popular with kayakers during higher water. Since I had no clue what it was looking like, I decided to do a scouting trip today to see how things were stacking up. My wife joined me for a bit of hiking as I didn’t plan on doing much fishing.

The day started out with an odd coincidence. The special of the day at the local coffee hut?


We got on the trail a little after nine. It was a gorgeous morning and while it’s a pretty busy trail, it’s quiet that early on a Tuesday.


My beautiful hiking partner enjoying the view and her morning coffee.


Well, that doesn’t look promising. Sadly, flows seem a bit too high at this point.




We still had a really nice hike. I did attempt to throw some line but, didn’t really put much effort in to it. It’ll be good to go pretty soon but I’ll be scoping out other spots for Father’s Day.

Back to town by noonish, Shannon had an appointment at one so I headed up to another creek I love to fish. A few weeks earlier my friend Chad and I hit it up for some streamer action. Today, the water had come down a bunch and I had action with my self tied kebari.



Took two little guys out of the same hole, one from the east bank and the second from the west a little while later. A third bumped my fly but I missed the set. The first trout played nice for the camera, the second however, was shy and flopped away while I was trying to snag a pic.


Beautiful little guy but, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

This is a very fun, challenging stream and I’m always glad to fish it, especially when I get some action!



Nice way to spend a Tuesday. Happy angling all.

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