Tenkara by Drift Boat? Why not?!

My primary partner in crime (ie. fishing) Chad recently acquired a drift boat. It is a thing of beauty. To say he was excited about it would be an understatment. He’s been wandering around work (and reportedly home…) “shadow rowing”. It’s been pretty entertaining. Today, we got out for the inaugural trip.






The float started in Clinton. Chad’s Aunt and Uncle joined us. We had a gorgeous day on the water.





Chad’s never rowed before and I’ve never fished from a boat. Not exactly a great combo for getting into fish but, we did our best. The wind didn’t exactly cooperate. Chad did an excellent job putting me in position for fish and I, shockingly, hit some water perfectly. Some huge drifts netted me nothing more than a bump. I started the day with my own kebari, switched to a San Juan worm, even tried casting one of Chad’s western rods (that was ugly to say the least), nothing. Didn’t matter. We had some tasty snacks, I had some tasty beer and Chad and I were having a grand time telling stories and enjoying the scenery.







We did see some fish rising to the many flies we saw on the water. Chad couldn’t help but throw some line. No luck sadly.




Not only did Chad’s Aunt Kristi and Uncle Cameron join us on the water, they provided an amazing dinner. Some spicy kielbasa, asian salad and slaw? Yeah… I don’t deserve to eat so well on the water.

Chad and I couldn’t help but put line on the water while Kristi and Cameron were getting dinner going. THe bug seen above decided to land on my shoulder to taunt me. Chad was having no luck when I finally got into a fish…


14″ (ish) whitefish on a Montana Prince. No complaints from me on this one. Not only are these fish fighters, they are a native species! Those who call them trash fish are too uptight.







Taking out at Turah, Chad, Kristi and Cameron headed back to the trailers so I had myself a beer and enjoyed the sun setting towards Missoula. Calling this a great day on the water is an understatement. I’m privileged to have a friend like Chad that’s so fun to fish with, and his family was a treat as well! On top of that, I’m lucky enough to live in a place where this type of water is less than an hours drive from home. Pretty great way to spend a Sunday.



Oh and about this last pic… Chad dropped me at my truck and I put my hat on the roof. I was almost all the way home when I realized I hadn’t thrown in the cab. Upon arriving home, I found it tucked neatly in the bed. Good stuff!

Happy angling!

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