Fish Creek Trip

As I’ve probably stated on this blog before, I wasn’t much into fishing as a kid. It just didn’t appeal to me. The last time I can recall fishing was with a spinner set up on Fish Creek. I have a vague recollection of catching a rainbow. Who knows, maybe Dad did most of the catching. Either way, this was probably my first time on Fish Creek in 14 or 15 years. It was a bit of an auspicious start to the day, Chad left his waders at home. Thankfully, he realized before we were out of town so it was just a quick trip back to the house and a restart of the day.

On the road, we saw this statue just outside of Missoula. The thing was huge!


Rain had been coming down in Missoula all morning and as we headed west it looked like we wouldn’t be escaping it.


But, things started to look a bit nicer as we headed up Fish Creek Rd and by the time we got to our destination, we had blue sky.


Chad, as usual was first in to a fish. Conveniently, I wasn’t there to see it and he only managed to get a picture of his knee, but he didn’t make any wild claims about its size so I tend to believe him 😉

I started the day with a big bugger. Switched to a San Juan and gave a Montana Prince a try. I saw a fish or two give them nothing more than cursory glances. I recently picked up a vise and have tried my hand at tying some flies, figured this would be as good a time as any to get one wet so I tied on a kebari.


Starting on the downstream side of the stump I ran the kebari a few inches below the surface. I had one fish bump it but didn’t get a set. I moved up-stream and cast down stream to the pocket just above the stump. Holding it there and doing a twitch I hooked into my fish.


It won’t be breaking any records but, it was a nice fish on a fly I tied myself. To say that’s a satisfying feeling is an understatement.

We worked our way upstream a bit further, finding some nice water but no fish that would cooperate. Then, a few thunderclaps. We thankfully had enough warning to get the rain gear on for the walk back to the car.


Chad gave it a go under the bridge near the car with no luck.


On our drive out, the sun broke through the clouds and we spotted a nice patch of water. I left the camera in the car, and sadly, my kebari in a tree branch. I had a second one that I’d tied however, and learned that it wasn’t just one random fish that thought it was worth biting. Against a rock face with the fly about 4 feet under the water I got a bite but, the fish threw the hook. Chad dragged a streamer through the same hole and we guessed it to be around 15 feet or deeper. Strange water flow through it… rivers are strange places.

As usual, it was a great day on the water. Sad to leave my kebari in the woods but, glad it had a chance to meet a trout. Can’t wait to get some more material and tie some more flies.

Happy angling!

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