Creek season has begun

I’ve been waiting for this day for about 6 months. Creeks are finally open again. Something about being on smaller water just feels right to me. The creek we fished today in particular is one of my favorites. Beautiful scenery, close to home, very challenging fishing.
Run off is in full effect. Looking at the flow charts however, it seems to be tapering off already. Not a great omen for our fire season but, it makes the water a bit more fishable. Chad got into a nice rainbow in the first spot we tried.
I started fishing a San Juan worm but, after Chad got into his trout he gave me a streamer pattern he was using. Not long after…
My first brown trout. Beautiful fish came in at 13″. Every time I fish the Amago I find new ways to cast. Especially when using non-traditional fly patterns. The fish really hammered the fly, thanks to Chad’s extensive experience he got the very deep-set hook out and the fish lived to fight another day.
Shortly after, Chad got in the same hole I pulled the brown out of and found himself a rainbow.
Gorgeous fish.

We moved on to our third spot of the day. Getting to some of the best looking water was a bit challenging…
As I said before, the runoff is in full effect…
After taking a spill and losing my glasses (so long Peppers. You served me well) I threw a San Juan worm in the last hole of the day. On about the third cast I had a strike, set the hook and the fish didn’t budge. It spit the hook, I cast a few more times, then got out of the way to let Chad give it a go with a streamer. Good decision…
18″ of trout. A great way to end an evening on the water.

Welcome back creek fishing. We missed you. Happy angling everyone.

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