Rock Creek with Matt

Matt texted last night, while I was out riding some single track on my Pugsley (be jealous…), and asked if I’d be interested in getting some line wet. There are some perks to having Mondays and Tuesdays off. I picked him up at 4:30 and we headed out to Rock Creek.



At least two tenkara rods out on the Creek today. I started with a Montana Prince. After dragging through a few nice holes I managed to lose it to a snag. I switched over to a San Juan worm a friend tied. I’ve had no luck in any of my attempts to fish the SJ but, so many of my friends claim that it’s money I keep coming back to it. Finally, they were right. I got into a big ol’ trout. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture. I was having a hard time getting the hook out of his mouth and he managed to break my tippet and get back in the water.

I’ve had a few issues with my fish releases the last couple times out and I’m pretty disappointed about it. I’m not opposed to people keeping fish but, I practice catch and release. The thought that maybe a couple of the fish I’ve had the privilege to catch could have been released a bit quicker/more gently bums me out. I’ll be doing my best to improve that aspect of my angling moving forward.

It was a gorgeous day on the water.


Warm enough that neither Matt or I wore waders. He was brave enough to just rock shorts and his Vibrams. I picked up a pair of Simms guard socks. I absolutely loved them and couldn’t be happier about the purchase.

While I was tromping around I came across this fish in a small side channel.


It certainly didn’t seem like it was in great shape. Couldn’t tell if it had been injured by another animal or if it was just exhausted from trying to get up-stream. After my poor release of my earlier catch this bummed me out a bit as well. Amazing how a year ago I didn’t give fish a second thought and now I have such an appreciation for them.


On my way out I through a San Juan worm in the same hole I caught the first fish. Part of me wanted to catch the same fish from earlier in the trip and make sure it had spit the hook. While that didn’t happen I did get into another nice fish. This time around I managed a decent pic, removed the hook and released the fish in a short space of time. Nice finish to the trip.


I didn’t exactly wear the Simms socks as intended. Consequently, the logo on them left a nice mark on my calf. Just when I think I couldn’t look like a bigger dork…


Great afternoon on the water with a friend. Some beers, some fish, and some thoughts on which to reflect. Happy angling.

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