An evening on RC

What a fun weekend. Friday, I had a chance to briefly meet Daniel of TenkaraUSA. He’s always seemed like a very genuine, nice guy and meeting him in person didn’t change that for me. It sounded like tenkara was well received at the Orvis Down The Hatch Festival here in Missoula. Glad to know there are people other than us in the area interested in this super fun method of fishing.

Today, Chad and I hit Rock Creek for some early evening fly fishing. I found quickly that my cheapo waders have a hole in them somewhere but a wet foot and leg didn’t put an end to the fun.




We were getting skunked when Chad started dragging a big ugly streamer through the hole in the above pictures and hooked in to this…


A beauty that measured out at 16″. On our way out we came on a nice hole with a deep pool next to a tree root. I put a Montana Prince through it a few times with no result. I was about to call it quits when Chad said “I believe…” And before the words were out of his mouth I watched a flash and felt the strike. Dragged a nice 13.5″ trout out and called it a day. Chad got a photo, hopefully he’ll send it my way and I can update this post. For now, here’s a (poor) video of the release. Note to self, point the camera down more when videoing under water.

*Update* Chad sent over this pic proving I did actually catch a fish


All in all, a fun few hours on the water with a good friend. I even got around to smoking the excellent cigar my former coworkers gave me as a going away gift (thanks UM MFCU folks!).

Happy angling!

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