Sun, snow, and a rainbow trout.

Waking up to snow on the ground and very low temps was not what I was hoping for today. The great thing about fishing with Thurston though is that even if the fishing sucks I know the beer will be good.

We had originally planned on heading down the ‘Root but after seeing this pic on twitter we revamped our itinerary. We went west of town a bit to Council Grove park. Very near Thurstons place, it has some big water and channels, all part of the Clark Fork.


It was clearly a dreary day. We had wind, snow and clouds cycling through with varying intensity. As we explored the different channels we saw a few fish rising in this hole.


While we had no luck the first time through we doubled back and hit it again on our way out. I pulled out a 13″ rainbow on a Utah killer bug. Thurston snagged one that looked to be even bigger but it released before he could get it in hand.

Sadly, the batteries had died in my cheapo camera before I landed the fish. That will probably be enough to push me over the edge into buying a new camera. Oh well.

It was a fun day on the water, landed my first trout of the season and got to drink a beer or two with a buddy. That’s a win in my book.

We climbed the bank to scope out the hole we’d had luck in when I realized I had my cell phone with me. Amazing how quickly you stop thinking of your phone as a usable device after you switch back to a dumb phone.

Happy Angling!

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