Beers, buds, and …bass?

It’s been a fishing filled weekend for me. Saturday, my friend Chad and I attempted some night fishing. It was not our most successful attempt on the water. We had it cut short by a nasty snow storm but, some beer and hot wings at Poor Henry’s in Clinton salvaged things.

Today, Thurston, Brett and I hit the same hole Chad and I had been frozen out of last night. Thurst and I did a much better job drinking a couple Dales Pale Ales than we did catching any thing. Brett showed up a bit later and promptly caught a nice trout on a San Juan worm.

From there we popped down I90 a ways and tried our luck in a little warm spring. The amount of garbage left in the area was depressing. It’s no wonder fun spots like this get closed off when people treat them so badly.

Upon arrival I watched a school of large mouth bass get broken up by what looked to me like some kind of rodent swimming along the bottom of the pool. Perhaps a muskrat? I’m no expert…

Thurston had a run in with a frog and then Brett again decided to start pulling out fish when the rest of us were having no luck. He snagged three before Thurston hooked in to one. I tied on a wooly bugger and finally managed to pull one out.

And with that we called it a day. A very fun several hours on the water with a good couple of guys. I stole a couple pictures from Brett, hope he doesn’t mind!

Happy angling all!




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