Happy New Year

For the second year in a row I haven’t had a raging hangover on New Years Day. Last year I ran a 10K. This year was much better. I was at my friend Chad’s at about 7:40 and we were loading up his 4Runner to head up Rock Creek. After a quick stop for gas, coffee and donuts we hit a bit of a snag. A dead starter was looking to derail our plans. Thankfully we were still near Missoula so, my awesome wife came and picked us up. We grabbed my truck and towed the 4Runner home.

We switched all the gear over the my truck and got back on the road. It was 12 degrees out when we got on the water. I did not have high hopes for catching anything.

Chad was trying out a new rod set up.

After about 20 minutes, the sun peaked over the mountain and it turned absolutely gorgeous. My crappy all-weather camera pics really don’t do it justice.

For all the reading I did before buying in to tenkara I assumed all western fly anglers carried huge amounts of gear. All my fishing buddies that use western bring a pretty reasonable amount of stuff. Maybe they are exceptions to the norm.



It was an interesting experience trying to fish with all the ice. I managed to stay warm between the hiking, sun, and many layers.

We spotted one whitefish but it didn’t care about San Juan worms or nymphs. And as we headed back to the truck I attempted to go after some trout that were enjoying a hatch. My ineptitude and a breeze kicking the hatch off equated to no action whatsoever. No big deal. It was an exceptional start to 2013.

Happy New Year all and happy angling!


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