Santa brought me a Soyokaze

It has been far too long a gap since I last posted. My apologies, I had high hopes of getting on the water this month but that hasn’t happened. A few days are left, who knows, one last chance to get out in ’12?

Even if I shouldn’t get out again in ’12, ’13 will see me using more than just one rod. Santa brought me a Soyokaze (Santa being my Grandfather with a little help from my Mom and Chris Stewart of TenkaraBum)!

Collapsed length is close but the weight difference is VERY noticeable. It feels so very delicate. I really can’t wait to get into some of the little Cutts I run in to on Kootenai and Rattlesnake Creeks with this rod.

With a traditional line, fly, tippet, and EZ-keepers my Amago comes in at 3.4oz. It has handily controlled every fish I’ve gotten in to so far. By no means has it been boring to fish this rod. But the Soyokaze feels like a bit more fighting may be involved!

1.6oz?! Unreal. Absolutely, unreal.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Holiday Season and have a Happy New Year!

Happy Angling!

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3 Responses to Santa brought me a Soyokaze

  1. Neil McGee says:

    Glad “Santa” was so nice to you this Christmas! The Soyokaze 31SR (the 11′ model) has been my “go to” rod for small streams for the last three months, and I have enjoyed it immensely (the 9′ model is perhaps better for smaller streams, tho!). Many of the rods Chris Stewart offers, while some dispute their being true to Tenkara, are indeed lighter and more practical if you want to bring along a rod for travel, or if you backpack to your angling destination (like me!). Enjoy! And, I hope to read more about your excursions with this sucker soon!

    • Dan says:

      Nice to hear that the 31 has been a good pick up for you. I’m really looking forward to getting out on a couple of my favorite creeks with the 27. One place tends to have a lot of 8″ Cutthroat and the Amago is a bit much for them. It’s been fun but I’m betting the 27 makes for a bit more fighting. As for Chris’ rods, I’m by no means a purist so I can easily find reasons each one belongs in my collection! Thanks for the comment!

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